Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet

To all who have played a role into NCB’s journey these past 7 years, a heartfelt thank you !

This season we had an amazing company of dancers and had a wonderful time implementing our NCB Petite Program. Our production of “The 4 Seasons” was watched by over 300 people and had rave reviews for its professional quality, stunning choreography, storyline, costuming and lighting. It really was a production that spoke to seasons of change in our lives and as usual, was very fitting for what is happening in my own.

My husband and I are delighted to announce that we will be having our first child and along with that have purchased a well-known studio in Port Alberni BC. With all these changes we will be giving NCB a break as we take on the very important roles of parents and owners.

Thank you to all the friends we have made in the dance community over the years, there are too many names to list, but you know who you are. Every single guest artist that has ever taught at NCB has become a precious friend and we hope to foster those friendships for years to come. Thank you to Christina Langelier for walking through this vision with me and creating NCB from scratch during many phone calls and emails. Thank you to the families of NCB for your time and efforts, some having been with us the entire 7 years, some even commuted hours to come and dance. And thank you to the dancers for all you have brought to NCB…without you it wouldn’t have been as magical as it was, you were the cornerstone and the light.

So not good-bye, but see you soon.

Much love,

Chantelle and Peer