In NCB’s inaugural season, artistic director Chantelle Norris set out to produce a show that would capture the deepest aspects of the crisis in Syria in a series of short works. Having a background in political communications, and a deep interest in global affairs, Norris hoped she could bring her two passions together, and create meaningful work that would benefit Syrian refugees in a fundraiser.

Choreography for the show began in early September, starting with an emotionally driven piece titled “ For Omran,” which made it’s debut November 6th 2017 in Victoria B.C. Set to Olafur Arnalds “ Only the Winds,” the piece captured the silent shock that Omran Daqneesh depicts to the world in the famous online photo that went viral in Fall 2016. Norris was able to build the rest of the production around “ For Omran,” starting the timeline at pre-war Syria, through to the refugees relocation to new territories. “ The show really did end up writing itself; I was never in question of the direction it was headed in. “ said Norris.

“Endeavour” debuted Jan 21st 2017 at the VIU Malaspina theatre, with special guests Ballet Victoria, Convergence Contemporary Ballet, and professional dancer/colleague Matthew Cluff.

As a choreographer, sometimes it’s difficult to pull out what’s in your head and put it into movement. The amazing thing about “Endeavour” was that I was never stumped, or worried; it came out exactly as I envisioned. The commitment of the company members was truly astounding. As a team, they bonded quickly, and as artists they really took the idea and brought it to life. I don’t think I have ever been so impressed with a group of young dancers in my entire career.

“Endeavour” was attended by over 300 people on it’s opening day and raised $3000 for local Syrian newcomers.

Lighting and projection : Don Armitage
Artwork and design : Christina Langelier
Props : Lindsay Martyn
Special thanks:

  • CHLY 101.7 FM
  • Ballet Victoria
  • Convergence Contemporary Ballet, and
  • Matthew Cluff