Light in a time of darkness

“Without dark clouds in our lives, we would never know the joy of sunshine.” ~ Billy Graham

A celebration of the human spirit and its resiliency.

“Joy.” invites its viewers on an unexpected journey through nagging social constructs, emotional bondage, and the light that can be found beyond darkness. Inspired by recent global events, the company unites in its first original production since the pandemic, finding strength in sharing about joy.

With original choreographic works by Alysa Pires, Monica Proenca, Suzanne Ouellette, and Will Jessup. Tech and lighting design by Don Armitage.

Artistic Director
Chantelle Norris

Alysa Pires
Monica Proenca
Suzanne Oullette
Will Jessup
Chantelle Norris

Rehearsal Assistant
Jessica Langelier

Lighting and Props
Don Armitage

Poster/Media Art
Christina Langelier

Jennifer Dodd
Mike McInness
Intuitive Media